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No matter whether you call it an aerobridge, a passenger boarding bridge or PBB, a Jetway, an elevating link, an aircraft bridge, or that thing you walk down to get on the plane… RATE can assist you with all of your aerobridge and aircraft ground support needs.

Welcome to RATE (Australia) Pty Ltd

The One Stop Shop For All Your Aircraft Bay Needs

RATE Australia specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of aerobridges, aircraft ground support and gate equipment. As a result, our skilled team are ready to help you with every aspect of your aircraft ground support needs.

RATE can provide the following equipment:

Aerobridges – Apron Drive, Nose Loader or T-Head

Links – Fixed or Elevating

Cruise Terminal Passenger Boarding Bridges

Ground Power Units (GPU)

Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) Systems

PCA Hoses and Hose Handling

Ground Power Cables (400Hz and 28VDC)

Cable Handling Systems

Aircraft Power Connectors (400Hz, 270VDC and 28VDC)

Load Banks (400Hz, 270VDC and 28VDC)

Cable Reelers (400Hz)

Hatch Pit Systems

Door Shoe Sensors

Expert Aerobridge Services

Whether it’s a new or aging aerobridge that needs to be supplied, refurbished or relocated, we have the experience to get the job done from concept to delivery.

The expert team at RATE have worked on aerobridges supplied by every major manufacturer dating back to the 1970’s. As a result, we are the first resource for airports and airlines looking to upgrade, repair or maintain this vital equipment. We also offer the same service to cruise ship terminals.

Latest News

Cairns Airport Project Completion

The fourth and final apron drive passenger boarding bridge has been commissioned and handed over to Cairns Airport, completing the project to replace and upgrade four gates at the International Terminal. Glass walled bridges provide spectacular views at any time of the day, particularly evident at dawn and dusk as portrayed by this image taken by our Project Manager.

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Cairns Airport Welcomes New Bridges

Travelers visiting Cairns International Airport will notice some new passenger boarding bridges being installed. The new bridges feature glass walled, apron drive bridges built by our partners at CIMC TianDa, that provide stunning views of the airside environment and surrounding countryside. As well as improving the passenger experience, the new bridges provide flexibility for the airport to accept new types of aircraft into the future.

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New PBB for Melbourne Airport

We recently installed a new passenger boarding bridge at T1 Melbourne Airport, catering for Code C and Code E aircraft. The new PBB is fitted with the latest in ground power technology and will be fitted with pre-conditioned air in the near future.

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RATE Power Python

The new RATE Power Python GPU Cable Handling System has been introduced into service and allows operators to handle heavy GPU cables with minimal fuss. Suitable for one or two 90kVA cable assemblies, the Power Python provides a local control station near the aircraft. Available with 3m or 6m beams, we can customise the system to suit a variety of installations because we have designed and built the Power Python right here in Melbourne.

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Darwin Airport Bay 3 Opens

Last week, a new passenger boarding bridge opened for business at Darwin International Airport. Bay 3 features a semi glass walled T-Head bridge fitted with Pre-Conditioned Air and Ground Power from ITW GSE to make it easier for airlines to go green on the ground.

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Gold Coast Airport Aerobridges

RATE Australia have installed and commissioned four new glass walled passenger boarding bridges at Gold Coast Airport, improving aircraft turnaround times and efficiency. The travelling public gets to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area as well as airside activity during all weather access between the aircraft and the new terminal building.

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Perth Airport Terminal 1 International Gate Upgrade Project

RATE Australia is proud to be working with Perkins Builders to deliver and install six new Passenger Boarding Bridges as part of Perth Airports Terminal 1 International Gate Upgrade Project. The installation includes Preconditioned Air with Hose Handling and the relocation of existing ground power systems.

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New Passenger Boarding Bridges for Port of Brisbane ICT

Despite logistical challenges, two new passenger boarding bridges have been delivered and installed at the Port of Brisbane International Cruise Terminal in August, 2020.

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Boarding Bridges Take Off

2020 Is going to be a busy year for RATE Australia! We soon commence installation of three aerobridges, one fixed link and associated ground power and preconditioned air at Darwin International Airport; in addition to installing six aerobridges with ground power and preconditioned air at Perth International Airport. We are also installing two passenger boarding bridges for Port of Brisbane. In the meantime, our maintenance teams will be busy at Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin Airports.

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PCA Upgrade for Melbourne Airport

In May 2019 we completed an upgrade to seven passenger boarding bridges, installing new ITW GSE PCA Units integrated into existing control systems. The modular 210/4 PCA units provide exceptional performance which enhances the passenger experience while delivering energy savings both to the airport and airline.

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Brisbane Airport Takes Delivery of the e-GPU

Brisbane Airport has taken delivery of the first battery powered e-GPU in Australia, underpinning their ongoing commitment to reducing emissions and environmental noise.

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RATE Upgrades Ground Power at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport received a boost to its aircraft support capability last week when RATE commissioned two ITW GSE 2400 Power Coils at their International Terminal, configured to support the introduction of the Boeing B787. Capable of sustained high power output, the new ground power units meet the demands of Next Generation Aircraft.

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Brisbane Airport Continue to Go Green

Brisbane Airport Corporation have become the first Airport in the region to order the new battery powered mobile Ground Power Unit from ITW GSE. Powered by four Nissan LEAF battery packs delivering 160kW/H of clean energy for zero emissions and zero noise, the ITW GSE 7400 e-GPU is gaining attention for operators seeking to reduce carbon emissions. The unit being delivered to Brisbane Airport Corporation will be fitted with RATE’s proprietary billing system, allowing the equipment owner to control usage and accurately charge for the power used at the aircraft.

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