The Benefits We Offer

RATE is sought after in Australia, with many long term contracts to maintain aerobridges. We also have contracts to maintain associated ground power, pre-conditioned air and nose in guidance systems.

RATE can place full time staff at  your airport, or perform periodic maintenance on a regular basis.  We also offer a phone service to assist with technical and operational problems. As a result, RATE currently has permanent staff at several airports and are able to service other ports within 24 hours.  Maintenance can be full time or part-time, depending on the client’s needs.

In short, we improve gate availability, reliability and safety – driving efficiencies and helping the airport deliver an enhanced customer experience for both airlines and passengers.

One of our specialties is upgrading your current aerobridge controls to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based system. This will display real time faults, record fault history, monitor aerobridge processes and provide operators and staff with control assistance. Operator feedback is also provided through the HMI (Human Machine Interface or touch screen).

By developing our own software program (RAMS), RATE is capable of assisting clients with maintenance logs. RAMS remains flexible enough to work with your existing software programs – we utilise both to provide efficiencies for the works undertaken.

Why Choose RATE ?

RATE has decades of experience working with many different types of aerobridges and associated ground support and gate equipment. We have relocated, disposed of and stored jet-ways and links. Local and international training ensures our staff kept up to date with the very latest innovations in aerobridge technology, equipment and  capability. RATE can bring your 20th century aerobridge into the 21st century.

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