RATE Aerobridge Refurbishment Services

RATE’s team of technicians are experts in refurbishing existing aerobridges. This may involve painting and/or descaling, or more extensive works incorporating new PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based systems and an operator HMI. Over recent years RATE has become adept at refurbishing a wide variety of aerobridges from several manufacturers.

The control systems on aerobridges vary from electro-hydraulic to electro-mechanical, and even a combination of the two. The highly skilled technicians at RATE specialise in refurbishing these control systems and can increase the operational life of virtually any aerobridge.

A major refurbishment may mean removing the aerobridge from your airport and completing a full external and internal upgrade before it is reinstalled and recommissioned. RATE’s leading team is fully capable, making the process stress free for you and your employees.

We conduct non-destructive testing of critical structural elements and drive systems as a standard component of our refurbishment process.

Finally, RATE also provides an overhaul and/or upgrade service for your hydraulic power units and mechanical drive systems.

Designing Reliable Aerobridge Systems

We also design new aerobridges, or our team can modify existing bridges for a new gate configuration. RATE specialises in designing new reliable systems to improve safety and increase the operational life of virtually any aerobridge. There is no “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to airports and the safe operation of your assets. We encourage you to work with the team at RATE to develop a solution that works with your terminal and aircraft bay needs, because there is a ONE STOP SHOP.

For more information on our Aerobridge Refurbishment and Design services, contact us today!