Aircraft Bay Equipment

Aircraft Bay Equipment

RATE Aircraft Bay Equipment

Nose In Guidance Systems

RATE can install or relocate Nose In Guidance System (NIGS) or Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) at your aircraft bay. Our technicians receive factory training and have over 20 years experience in the aircraft equipment industry. As a result, we have the expertise to set up NIGS to suit the different types of docking arrangements. This includes units that are:

Post mounted

Directly attached to the terminal building

On a free standing pole at the designated bay

Further, RATE can interface the NIGS with the Gate Operating System or Airport Management System. Aircraft arriving can only approach the bay if the NIGS/VDGS is active and the aerobridege is in the correct position, providing an extra level of safety.

Excess Baggage Hoists

An excess baggage hoist is often indispensable for the flight crew. There are occasions when passengers need to use a wheel chair or a walking frame to board an aircraft. Oversized items of luggage, like babies prams or excess duty free shopping need to be safely stowed as well. Once the passenger is on board, their luggage will have to be loaded into the aircraft hold. RATE can supply equipment that safely and quickly moves these items from the aerobridge down on to the tarmac for the ground staff to load it into the aircraft hold.

This procedure can also work in reverse. This allows the baggage to be taken from the aircraft hold and returned to the aerobridge and then to the aircraft for disembarking passengers to collect.

What are the Benefits for Airline Ground Staff?

Excess baggage hoists permit ground staff to safely take oversize baggage from the aircraft to the tarmac without having to negotiate stairs or ramps. Each airport is different and each gate layout can be different too. RATE can design an excess baggage hoist to suit any gate layout and any aerobridge type.

In Ground Pit Systems

RATE Australia  is the authorised agent for TDA Lefebure. TDA manufactures in ground pit systems for the delivery of 400Hz ground power, Pre-Conditioned Air and Potable Water. Further, they supply hangar utilities such as mains power, communications and compressed air. Utilising pits greatly reduces apron or hangar clutter and hence improves safety levels and efficiencies for all  ground staff and minimises the risk of aircraft damage during servicing.

Door Shoe Sensors for Airline Equipment

As part of our product offering, we can install and commission a door shoe sensor for every application. Whether it is for an aerobridge, a catering truck or a set of mobile stairs, RATE can provide aircraft door shoe sensors to protect every aircraft door.

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