RATE (Australia) Pty Ltd offers a complete range of aerobridges and associated ground support and airport terminal equipment. Whether it’s for narrow bodied aircraft, wide bodied aircraft or the A380 Super Jumbo, we can provide the aerobridge and terminal equipment to get passengers on and off quickly, safely and securely.

CIMC Tianda Aerobridges and Links

Our foremost specialty is the design, supply and installation of leading aerobridge technology. This enhances the passenger experience by delivering safe and efficient boarding systems that also assist airlines to improve turnaround times and airports to reduce carbon emissions. As exclusive agents for CIMC Tianda, we can create a bespoke solution not only for your airport terminal but also for cruise ship terminals.


As exclusive agents for ITW GSE (incorporating the former brands of AXA, Hobart, Houchin, ITW Military and J&B Aviation) RATE can supply, install and support both point of use and mobile ground support equipment . Point of Use systems attach to the aerobridge or apron allowing the services to connect to the aircraft via reelers or hoists. Mobile systems are trailer or truck mounted and can be supplied with battery, mains or diesel driven power sources.

RATE Billing System

RATE has developed a bespoke billing system with NMI approved metering to provide accurate billing information. This allows equipment owners to track and charge for usage of their equipment in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards. Suitable for fixed gate and mobile equipment, our billing system is compatible with the 4G mobile network, providing cloud connectivity and instant access to your ground support equipment data.

Door Shoe Sensors for Airline Equipment

As part of our product offering, we can install and commission a door shoe sensor for every application. Whether it is for an aerobridge, a catering truck or a set of mobile stairs, RATE can provide aircraft door shoe sensors to protect every aircraft door.

What is a Door Shoe Sensor?

A door shoe sensor acts as an indispensable safety device. On many aircraft when the door is open it swings out and protrudes into the aerobridge cabin. In normal operation the bridge lowers and raises automatically courtesy of the auto-leveller. This is deployed against the side of the docked aircraft.

Should the auto-leveller fail or the nose of the aircraft lowers rapidly, there is a risk that the bottom of the door may strike the floor of the aerobridge. This could damage the aircraft, grounding it for repairs.

RATE produces a door shoe sensor which connects to the aerobridge control system. Placing the sensor under the door, while it is open, is all the aerobridge operator needs to do. Striking the sensor will cause the bridge to lower automatically thus preventing serious damage to the aircraft.

TDA Lefebure Hatch Pit Systems

We can design, supply and install in-ground pit systems from TDA Lefebure. Pit systems can deliver a variety of ground support services without clutter or congestion on the ramp or in the hangar. RATE offers 400Hz, Pre-Conditioned Air, mains power and compressed air as options in our underground hatch pit systems.

Dekal Load Banks

RATE can supply and/or hire a variety of 400Hz, 270vDC and 28vDC Load Banks with data logging capability, manufactured by Dekal. These resistive load banks are highly portable and used by our field service technicians for on site testing and diesel engine de-glazing.

Strain Relief Straps

RATE manufacture our own load rated Strain Relief Straps for use with ground power cables. The Strain Relief Straps are available in two types – single, or twin hook; and are suitable for use on a wide range of aircraft. Load rated, tested and tagged to 250kg and made from high visibility yellow webbing, the straps are adjustable and can be fitted in the field. Made in Australia.

Ground Power Cable Assemblies

RATE manufacture a wide variety of 400Hz and 28vDC Ground Power Cable Assemblies utilising quality GPU plugs and cables. Suitable for mobile diesel GPUs, fixed electrical ground power, AXA and ITW GSE Power Coils; RATE stock all of the accessories to make changing out your GPU cable as easy as placing a call.

RATE Power Python

The New RATE Power Python is an above ground GPU cable management system designed and built in Australia. Suitable for one or two 90kVA GPU cable assemblies, the Power Python allows the cables to be deployed and provides a local control station for the GPU near the aircraft receptacle. Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, there are no magnetic circuits and corrosion is minimised. Hivis reflective stripes and programmable hazard lamps combined with a well designed basket deliver long life and safe operations for years.