RATE – The Australian Aerobridge Specialists

Whether you call it an aerobridge, a passenger boarding bridge or PBB, a Jetway, a gangway, an elevating link, an aircraft bridge, or “that thing you walk down to get on the plane”, RATE can help. Our team can work with you to design, supply and deliver new bridges. We can also refurbish your existing  assets with the experience of highly trained professionals.

We specialise in aerobridge:







Through Life Support

What sets RATE apart from the competition is our customisation. We know there is no “one size fits all” option for airports. As a result, we customise RATE aerobridges to suit the needs of each customer, making us the ONE STOP SHOP for all of your aerobridge needs.

From the design stage to the finished product, we work closely with you to ensure every requirement is met.

RATE (Australia) Pty Ltd offers a complete range of aerobridges and associated ground support and airport terminal equipment. Whether it’s for narrow bodied aircraft, wide bodied aircraft or the A380 Super Jumbo, we can provide the aerobridge and terminal equipment to get passengers on and off quickly, safely and securely.

RATE can value add by providing bridge mounted equipment such as Pre-Conditioned Air, Ground Power systems and Excess Baggage Hoists, fully catering for all aircraft and airline needs.

CIMC Tianda Aerobridges and Links

Our foremost specialty is the design, supply and installation of leading aerobridge technology that enhances the passenger experience by delivering safe and efficient boarding systems that also assist airlines to improve turnaround times and airports to reduce carbon emissions. As exclusive agents for CIMC Tianda, we can create a bespoke solution not only for your airport terminal but also for cruise ship terminals.

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