Pre-Conditioned Air

Pre-Conditioned Air

What is Pre-Conditioned Air?

Pre-Conditioned Air is conditioned air that is supplied to the aircraft while it is on the ground. This air supply attaches to the aircraft plenum, while docked, via hoses and can supply either heated or cooled air for passenger and staff comfort.

RATE can supply:

Point Of Use Pre-Conditioned Air units

Mobile Trailer Mounted PCA units

PCA Hoses and Hose Handling Equipment

Underground hose reticulation and Hatch Pit Systems

What Benefits does a RATE Pre-Conditioned Air Solution Provide?

RATE realises that Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) requirements are different for virtually every airport. You need to consider a number of variables, including ambient temperatures and the type of aircraft utilising the PCA system. For example, a B737 in Darwin will have vastly different requirements to the same aircraft in Hobart.

As a result, the specialised team at RATE can advise a range of options to cover a wide variety of airport and aircraft demands. These include units from 30 to 120 ton capacity to supply sufficient air for all aircraft sizes. Further, RATE can supply point of use PCA units for aerobridge mounting or remote units for ground mounting. This allows ground crew the convenience of placing Pre-Conditioned Air units adjacent to an aerobridge or boarding gate. Our team also offers mobile trailer mounted units with on-board hose handling, so your ground crew can always have a unit at hand should the need arise.

PCA Unit Installation with RATE

The team at RATE have over 26 years experience in PCA supply, installation and maintenance. As a result, we can offer you a complete package, as well as all you need in associated cabling and hoses for aircraft connection. We also offer a variety of solutions for hose handling, ensuring your ground crew have options available that suit the local environment.

RATE engineers offer both full flow PCA hose retrievers from ATES (delivering unrestricted air flow no matter what length of hose is used) and telescopic ducting for ground mounted PCA units that reach the length of the aerobridge. Our team also offers assitance for underground PCA hose reticulation and delivery via a TDA Lefebure hatch pit system.

RATE are exclusive agents for ITW GSE and all of our technicians receive factory training in Denmark.

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