Aircraft Ground Power

Aircraft Ground Power

What is Ground Power?

Aircraft require electrical energy to provide power to avionics and passenger services. Electric energy generates during flight by a genset attached to the main engines, and on the ground by the Auxiliary Power Unit located in the tail of most aircraft. In order to reduce noise pollution and carbon emissions, airports often require the APU to be switched off while the aircraft is docked. The aircraft systems must continue to operate without the APU, so a fixed or mobile solid state frequency converter or rotary generator set generates electrical ground power. We call this a Ground Power Unit or GPU.

RATE can supply, and/or install the following:

Point Of Use Ground Power – bridge or apron mounted

Trailer mounted, electric-driven, GPUs

Mobile diesel driven GPUs

Battery powered, mobile GPUs

Load banks for periodic maintenance and load testing

400Hz Cables and plugs

28VDC Cables and connectors

270VDC Cables and connectors

Cable reelers and hoists

Underground cable reticulation and hatch pit systems

RATE Ground Power Solutions

RATE also look after the complete design and installation of the ground power system and associated cable and cable handling. This includes an integrated GPU and cable reeling unit for ground or aerobridge mounting or a separate reeling system to add to an existing GPU. We also provide basic aerobridge mounted cable winch systems or cable crocodiles to handle the power cables across the apron. Contact us today to find out further information!