RATE is Australia’s leading provider of services associated with aerobridges and elevated links, Pre-Conditioned Air and aviation Ground Power. Since 1989 we have been working at airports around Australia delivering, supporting and upgrading a wide variety of equipment. Although we are based in Melbourne, our team services airports Australia wide. We also have staff permanently embedded at some major airports. We also have extensive experience working in the Greater South Pacific. Our experienced team prides itself on only being only a phone call or flight away from providing you with expert advice and assistance!

Aerobridge Installation

An aerobridge, also known as a passenger boarding bridge, PBB,  or a Jetway, requires professional installation.

With over 26 years experience, RATE has curated a highly specialised team. We are capable of installing or relocating your new or refurbished aerobridge professionally and safely. We can also disassemble and dispose of any retired bridges you may have on site. Click here to Read More about aerobridge Installation.

Aerobridge Maintenance

RATE offers a variety of specialised services for aerobridge maintenance. These include the placement of full time maintenance staff, periodic maintenance and over-the-phone technical support. Our site services are typically offered within 24 hours of your request. Furthermore, all services are conducted to the highest Australian standards by fully trained and licensed technicians. If you are looking to ensure the safety of your ground crew, passengers and flight crew, click here to Read More about our Aerobridge Maintenance.
RATE specialises in refurbishing and upgrading existing aerobridges and links. Refurbishment by our team can include anything from small cosmetic updates such as painting and descaling, to larger works including the installation of new gate technology. To find out more about our Refurbishment services and non-destructive testing, please click here to Read More about our Aerobridge Refurbishment.
Aircraft bay equipment is integral to the safe and reliable management of any airport. The experienced engineering team at RATE can also assist with aircraft bay equipment installation, relocation, interfacing, mounting and safety testing. Click here to Read More about our Aircraft Bay Equipment.