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If you want help in getting an aerobridge, or have one in need of some help, you have come to the right place.

No matter whether you call it an aerobridge, a PBB, a passenger boarding bridge, a jetway, an elevating link, an aircraft bridge, or that thing you walk down to get on the plane, RATE can assist you with aerobridge procurement, installation, maintenance, repairs and relocations.

RATE can also provide the following equipment:

  • 400Hz ground power units.
  • Precondition air (PCA) units.
  • Preconditioned air (PCA) hoses.
  • PCA ducted Systems.
  • 400Hz cables.
  • 400Hz aircraft plugs.
  • 400Hz cable reelers.
  • 400Hz ducted Systems.
  • PCA hoses.
  • PCA hose retrievers.
  • Excess baggage hoists.
  • Door shoe sensors.
  • Business jet aircraft tugs.

RATE is based in Melbourne, Australia, works Australia-wide and is capable of providing expert aerobridge services to the wider South Pacific area.

Since being established in 1996 RATE has completed many installation tasks at airports around Australia. From Sydney to Perth and Hobart to Darwin RATE can provide your airport with an aerobridge solution.

Whether it’s an aging aerobridge bridge, that needs to be refurbished, or a newer model that needs to be relocated, RATE has the experience to get the job done.

We have worked on all of the aerobridges supplied by the major PBB manufacturers dating back to the 1970’s.

From 1996 until 2006 RATE was the sole Australian agent for Spanish aerobridge manufacturer TEAM and we are currently the exclusive Australian agent for China based manufacturer CIMC-Tianda, Swedish GSE supplier Combibox and aircraft moving specialist Mototok.

RATE can also provide airport equipment from major suppliers of aerobridge parts, equipment and components such as Trelleborg SEW Eurodrive, Alan Bradely, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Schneider just to name a few.

Aerobridge Specialists

before_after1 before_after2RATE is the Australian specialist in aerobridge installation and passenger boarding bridge maintenance. We can also assist with aerobridge and Airport Gate Equipment Repair. We specialise in aerobridges, PBBs, passenger boarding bridges, jetways, elevating links, aircraft bridges, GPUs, PCAs, ground power cable reelers and hoists, PCA hose retrievers, airport equipment audits, and excess baggage hoists.

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If you are after professionals to install, maintain, refurbish or repair your aerobridge, then contact us to speak with one of our aerobridge specialists.

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